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Jain’s characters do a lot of musing about life, death, and morality as Lucky decides to do what she must to warn Lobsang in this simplistic novel.

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Publishers Weekly Reviewed on 04/24/2015


Three years ago, Lucky Boyle found solace as an eccentric yoga instructor after a unexpected cross-continent move and divorce to land in New York as a single mom in the international bestseller Lucky Everyday. Now, Lucky is challenged once again by a twist of fate in Bapsy Jain’s newest novel A Star Called Lucky.

A Star Called Lucky returns the reader to the exotic world of the indomitable, spirited Lucky Boyle, whose life falls into a tailspin from the moment she is accosted by a duo of unsavory strangers on the New York subway. The encounter marks the beginning of a day of surprises as the sudden appearance of a powerful bureaucrat and a fleeting encounter with a mysterious Buddhist monk forces her into the secret and dangerous world of corrupt politics.

Reluctantly, she takes on a bizarre assignment to track a renowned but elusive Tibetan doctor, and begins another voyage across continents. Events unravel at whirlwind pace as Lucky struggles to unravel the web tying her to a dangerous secret. Her safety rests in the uncertain hands of a computer savant and in her ability to trust her own intuition as she examines the delicate balance between love and life in this exciting sequel.

Written in a concise, engaging style, A STAR CALLED LUCKY is the pulse-pounding sequel to Jain's LUCKY EVERYDAY. Lucky is a strong, funny, and nuanced lead protagonist, and her reflections on the world and people around her are fascinating.
A STAR CALLED LUCKY is an unusually thoughtful and relatable work in a genre not known for intelligent, textured female protagonists.




  • A very entertaining plot with true-to-life experiences, and vivid characters

    Antonio Gomes, MD, Author of "The Sting of Peppercorns and Mirrored Reflections"

  • Masterfully woven together, with unexpected twists and turns and great insights on human interactions

    Kurt Ramin, MBA, CPA/CFE, published author internationally recognized. Germany.

  • A must-read for all ages with true reflections on human nature, bringing characters to life in a wonderful way

    Dama Larissa Van Duser - VP Savoy Royal Foundation, New York City, NY

  • One of those very rare page turners

    Raymond Lavoie, retired SVP of Medtronic, Florida.

  • A story with a soul, a winning spirit, and a big heart! An unforgettable portrayal of characters that live with you

    Michele Mcmurray, SVP Style and Fashion industry, Montreal, Canada

  • A fully imagined, flawed but endearing character

    Publishers’ Weekly on Lucky (Lucky Everyday