“I want everyone to read this masterpiece!“


Strong characters weaved in an entertaining plot with everything turning out well in the end for the main characters; A Star Called Lucky can easily be called an engaging read. A sequel to Lucky Everyday, Bapsy Jain transports the readers to the world of the indomitable, spirited single-mom Lucky Boyle. Following some bizarre turn of events that lead her to New York, Lucky finds solace in playing an unconventional yoga instructor. But the drama doesn't end here. Just as she believes the storms in her life have settled, fate throws her a blow and an unexpected duo turns her life into a tailspin. Lucky unknowingly steps into the secret and dangerous world of corrupt politics that gives her a chance to voyage across continents.

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Times of India Reviewed on 06/22/2015

In this amiable sequel to 2009’s Lucky Everyday, Lucky Boyce—accountant and intuitive sleuth—is yanked from her work for the New York State Department of Corrections (where she teaches yoga to inmates) by powerful and ambitious Clevis Coleman, director of the U.S. Global Wellness Council. With her background knowledge of Mumbai and her expertise with the powerful computer searching tool Bloodhound, Coleman thinks she’s ideally suited to find Lobsang Telok, a London-trained Tibetan doctor who possesses a magic mushroom that can purportedly cure almost anything. Lobsang is believed to be hiding in one of Mumbai’s most notorious slums. Coleman’s means and motives are far from altruistic, and Lucky needs help from some unlikely sources, including teenage neighbor Collette Skyles, PETA activist Usko Tahti, and her Indian friends. Jain’s characters do a lot of musing about life, death, and morality as Lucky decides to do what she must to warn Lobsang in this simplistic novel.

Publishers Weekly Reviewed on 04/24/2015

Luck or something like it. A star called lucky by Bapsy Jain is a quick, enjoyable read that takes you through a journey that's both adventurous and spiritual

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Soumya Rao, JetWings Internatioal, November 2014

This quirky story was a very enjoyable read. There seemed to be a lot going on in the story, prisoner education, yoga, a world health minister, adopted son, college student-turned monk protesting for animal rights, a teenage computer genius and her friends, a trip to India to locate magic mushrooms, and more! I felt it was lacking in depth and detIls for any of these topics but may be good for those with short attention spans! Personally, I would have enjoyed more yoga woven into the story but otherwise, a quick ride.

Rebecca Liebes

This is an exciting novel that must be focused on to enjoy completely. It has engaging characters and a suspenseful plot. I think I would like to read the preceding novel before I read any others in this series.
It has a very intellectual plot with politics and science and literature skilfully woven through.

Laura Dogs Mom-Roth

An author to watch. A wonderful tale starring a delightfully honest woman who finds herself dealing with an evil protagonist. A great read from beginning to end.

Cordelia Swinton

I liked this book. It took me a few chapters to really get into it, but once I did, it was a pretty good read. I really liked the lead character Lucky, and will watch for more books from this author. Nice even flow, with no lagging. Characters were well written.

Debbie Young

“A formerly successful businesswoman turned investigator for the New York State Department of Corrections becomes involved in a search for a legendary miracle cure in India. As a part time yoga instructor for prisoners, a mother, and a woman with the ability to track down virtually anyone on the planet from a single photograph, 3o-year-old Lucky Boyce isn't exactly wondering what to do with her free time. On a train ride, Lucky identifies an ex-con on her computer after they strike up a conversation. She ignores text messages from her convenient boyfriend Amay as she prepares herself for a presentation attended by Clevis Coleman, the director of the U.S. Global Wellness Council based in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, she's able to dig up more information on Coleman than he bargained for, especially the fact that he's having an affair with his neighbor's wife. Before Lucky has a chance to take a deep breath, she's involved in a top-secret hunt for "the ice mushroom," a miracle cure that so rare as to seemingly exist only in rumor. She'll have to give up her privacy and return to India, where the failures of her former business and relationships await her. Written in a concise, engaging style, A STAR CALLED LUCKY is the pulse-pounding sequel to Jain's LUCKY EVERYDAY. Lucky is a strong, funny, and nuanced lead protagonist, and her reflections on the world and people around her are fascinating. A STAR CALLED LUCKY is an unusually thoughtful and relatable work in a genre not known for intelligent, textured female protagonists.”


“The prescience of this novel is stunning, when you consider that it must have been at press before the most recent Ebola pandemic and ensuing medical controversies,” commented Alesa Lightbourne, Ph.D, author of award-winning The SALSA Solution and in Who's Who of International Writers and Who's Who of American Women. "I was also fascinated by the way the author wove together plot elements from genetics, computer science and yoga - an ambitious undertaking. It’s a very unique book, as was its predecessor, and represents an interesting intersection between genres. You have to marvel at the author’s continuing inventiveness.”

Alesa Lightbourne, Ph.D

“As a practitioner of yoga, I appreciate the book’s theme of bringing patience and stillness to the forefront of big decisions, as challenging as that can be. The book is an entertaining read that mixes just the right amount of fun and mystery with reality to remind us to always look for the balance in life.“

Dechay Watts, Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder of SPROUT Content, Denver, Colorado

“Situations and people that you’ll recognize in your daily encounters. Lucky is Back ! Highly recommended for anyone who likes their mysteries with unexpected actions.”

Brian Choudhary, Financial Services Professional, New York, NY

“Bapsy Jain is master at combining the exotic and curious traditions of Eastern ways with the fast-paced reality of New York City, making readers look at the world more holistically and question daily coincidences,”

James T. Vallas, an avid reader of mystery books. Red Bank, NJ.

“As a computer enthusiast, A Star Called Lucky’s plot is chillingly real as characters confront corrupt politicians, a rare disease, and computer viruses that leave you wondering what your co-workers might really be typing into their keyboard,” said Kurt Ramin, MBA, CPA/CFE and internationally recognized German author of numerous books and publications for technology, business and accounting.”

Kurt Ramin, MBA, CPA/CFE, published author internationally recognized. Germany

“This captivating story encourages us to find hope in life’s biggest mysteries,”

Dr. J. Anthony (Tony) Gomes, author of Mirrored Reflections, Professor of Medicine and Director of Electrophysiology /Cardiovascular Services at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYC.


“I was inspired watching the story unfold,” said Raymond Lavoie, retired SVP of Medtronic, FL. “Seeing a yoga instructor struggle to solve a life threatening mystery and still finding a way to trust the universe makes me believe.”

Raymond Lavoie, retired SVP of Medtronic, FL.

A very entertaining plot with true-to-life experiences, and vivid characters

Antonio Gomes, MD, Author of “The Sting of Peppercorns and Mirrored Reflections

Masterfully woven together, with unexpected twists and turns and great insights on human interactions

Kurt Ramin, MBA, CPA/CFE, published author internationally recognized. Germany

A must-read for all ages with true reflections on human nature, bringing characters to life in a wonderful way

Dama Larissa Van Duser – VP Savoy Royal Foundation, New York City, NY.

One of those very rare page turners

Raymond Lavoie, retired SVP of Medtronic, Florida

A story with a soul, a winning spirit, and a big heart! An unforgettable portrayal of characters that live with you

Michele Mcmurray, SVP Style and Fashion industry, Montreal, Canada

A fully imagined, flawed but endearing character

Publishers’ Weekly on Lucky (Lucky Everyday)